Stonk: Mom Must Set Reliable Family Finances

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mom Must Set Reliable Family Finances

Mothers should be reliable family finances. It is an expression that is true, because the mother who plays an important role in the economic life of a family.

Prosperous or continuously in shortage, it all depends on the mother's skills and ability to manage finances. That is why a mother should be reliable family finances. Here are some things that a justification of the expression.

1. My husband is busy with obligations
A man in charge would have to meet all the needs of a family member dependents. Husband willing to work hard, from morning till late afternoon, even up to the night in order to earn a living that will be used to meet the needs of their families.

By the time that was so packed with work schedules, the husband usually does not have a chance to manage their finances. Therefore, the husband handed maintenance to wife, to be managed and regulated by the allocation of the wife.

No matter how necessary, she should be able assess the ability of the husband to provide maintenance, this is where she should be reliable managing the family, should be able to pick and choose which one is a necessity and which are merely wishes. If the requirements are fulfilled everything, desire can be fulfilled.

2. Women by nature are a manager
Women were meant and given instinct to perform managerial or arrangement, only managerial aspect is more devoted to aspects of the household. How to set the time for yourself, your husband or children. Similarly, in financial terms, the mother who knows better variety of purposes and the needs of the household, and then allocate the income provided by the husband.

3. Set up a living is an obligation
In Islamic law, financial management is one of the duties as a wife. Therefore, a wife or a housewife full of eagerness should do it. Those are some things that a justification of the expression should be reliable mother manage the family finances.

As a case study, many of the workers with wages barely fit, they can live very well without the burden of debt and are well off, and not a few officials and entrepreneurs with a monthly income of tens of millions, but still live in debt bondage and earning tens of millions of these still sorely lacking.

One of the reasons it is a "factor family financial management". How can replenish what is, and what the rest is storing. Who is in charge of managing it, the answer is a housewife.

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